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Dear User, you are welcome to be registered as users of this sitePlease carefully read the following terms of service before registering:

This service agreement the two sides to the site and the user of the website, the service agreement is contractual effect.
You to confirm that the service agreement, the service agreement between you and this site legal effect. Please be sure to read carefully before registering all the services agreement, if any questions can be consulting to the site.
Whether you are in fact the before registering carefully read the service agreementas long as you click on the "Register" button inthe bottom of the original agreement and the success of the registration process in accordance with this website is registered as auseryour behavior is still, you agree to and signed the service agreement .

1.Recognition and acceptance of the site's terms of service

The ownership and operation of the various services of this website is owned by this site has.

2.The user must:

(1)The Internet with the necessary equipment, including PC, modem or other access devices necessary.
(2)Own personal online payment services with this phone costs, network costs.

3.Trading platform on this website shall publish the following illegal:

(1)Against the basic principle of the Constitution;
(2). Endanger national securityleaking state secrets, subverts the government, undermining national unity;
(3) harm national honor and interests;
(4) to incite ethnic hatredethnic discriminationundermining national unity;
(5). Undermine state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;
(6) spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;
(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;
(8). Insult or slander othersinfringes upon the lawful rights and interests;
(9) contains the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content.

4. On Personal Data

User agrees to:
(1) providing timely, detailed and accurate personal information.
(2) agree to receive information from this site.
(3) continuously updated registration information with timely, detailed and accurate requirementsAll the original type of informationwill be used for registration information.
(4) This site does not disclose the name, address, e-mail and pen name, the following exceptions:
(A) authorizes the user to disclose such information.
(B) the corresponding legal and procedural requirements of this site to provide users' personal dataIf the user the information provided contains incorrect informationthis website reserves the right to the end users to use this website information service qualifications.

5.Registered users should choose a relatively good stability and security e-mailand agree to accept and read all kinds of e-mail this website to the user'sIf the user does not timely accept from their own e-mail e-mail or e-mail user e-mail or theuser's e-mail to receive and read the program itself can not properly receive or readas long as the success of this sitesend e-mail shall be deemed to the user has received to the e-mail. E-mail letter on the server records the